Election Transparency and Voter Rights are the Focus of End Citizens United

Political Action Committees or PACs are not uncommon. They are regulated by the federal government regarding the amount of the donations they can give to each candidate. The donors to these organizations are tracked and easy to view. This was established to prevent wealthy donors from being able to “buy” a candidate and control the legislation they produce. PACs are not the problem. The issue is Super PACs.

There are some regulations on Super PACs. They cannot contribute directly to any candidate. Instead, they work by damaging the reputation of the opponents of their chosen party. This is done through media ads, leaflets and brochures mailed to voters. The Supreme Court ruled in a case that allowing this type of advertising was supporting free speech. This is what Citizen’s United is about, despite their claim that they are working to keep the U.S. Government under the control of its citizens.

The result of the ruling has been an open season on certain candidates thanks to wealthy individuals and corporations. Not only are these Super PACs inundating the airways with misleading advertisements, the enormous bankroll the backers have is making it possible to produce books and movies that negatively portray specific candidates. Many of the same people donating to the PACs are also owners and CEOs of TV news networks, politically leaning magazines and newspapers. Their influence makes it difficult for many to tell where the journalistic reports end and the editorial opinions begin.

The main problem is the lack of transparency. Without knowing who is providing information it can be difficult to determine if what is said is correct, or merely an attempt at making a candidate look bad. Despite the enormous amount of accessibility to information available to the average person today, it can be difficult to get unbiased reports. Contradictory information is everywhere and every voter is left to vote based on opinions rather than facts.

The American voter has a right to know who is paying for ads and making enormous donations to these PACs. Transparency is important and corporations should not have the same rights as humans. This is why End Citizens United is doing everything they can to encourage the Supreme Court decision be reversed. In order for people to truly have control over how their country is run, they must be able to know the truth about the connections of each candidate. Visit http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality to learn more.